Welcome to The 5th Sun


December 21, 2012 marked a momentous transition in the Mayan Calendar, the passage from one 5,200 year cycle into another. The current cycle is known as the “5th Sun.” As with any major calendric transition, there were prophets of doom, as witnessed by the movie “2012.” Cataclysm did not occur, and this transition is still underway.

Many other ancient cultures still breathing today, mark large cycles of time as the Maya do. The Hopi, of what is now the western part of the US, have a ancient prophecy system that describes very long periods of time as worlds. In this view, we are now in the Fourth World, transiting into a Fifth World, which may either be apocalyptic or a renaissance. Unlike the Maya who are quite specific and date-oriented, the Hopi culture focuses on more specific prophesies but so out specific or even general dates. Like the he Maya, the Hopi culture questions the human tendency to separate ourselves from spiritual reality while clinging to or identifying with material reality, to our detriment.

Hindu culture frames epochs of time as “yugas” and we are currently in the 4th Yuga of the current cycle. One of the key foci in this system is attachment to materialism and separateness or forgetting of spirituality.

Is it coincidental that at least three ancient and revered cultures all have humankind located in the 4th epoch, or moving into a fifth epoch? And the three mentioned have consistent ideas about the implications of our attachment to the material. It seems unlikely, don’t you think?

This site explores the origins and meaning of the Mayan calendar, surveys some of the leading scholars on Mayan culture and cosmogenesis, and draws on the words of living Mayan elders who interpret this process of transition and what it means for the world at large. It is of course an interpretation of Mayan culture by a respectful but also non-Maya. Ultimately, anyone interested in learning and appreciating this culture is encouraged to do so in relation to generous souls such as Carlos and Denise Barrios who share their culture with those from other traditions.

Please join us on this journey to understand the richly complex and fascinating Mayan calendar, a World Heritage cultural treasure that is kept alive by the living Maya today.